Increase Portrait Sales

by admin on July 6, 2011

What’s the number one way to increase custom photography portrait sales?

Variety in the options presented in a photo proofing gallery.

If you shoot a number of similar poses, expressions, and outfits, the client is likely to choose the ‘best’ of these photos and order that photo, perhaps in a variety of sizes or mediums, but that will be the extent of the order. However, if you show their child laughing, sleeping, smiling, serious, and making that unique quirky expression of theirs, how can they possibly choose one ‘best’ photo?

A variety of poses is helpful as well. Start with lots of close up photos to capture the face, but then experiment with full body shots, various poses and angles. Some subjects will be very willing to move and play with the camera, allowing you to capture the essence of their personality along with their smile.

If you are doing a shoot with multiple subjects, such as a family portrait session, shoot varying combinations of family members. It might be fun for Dad to have a shot of just him and the kids on his desk, or to have Grandma with her special helper grandchild, etc. Presenting these variety of combinations makes for great gift ideas, or special photos, but will of course not be purchased without also choosing the full group shots. Make sure to get all of the possible combinations and ask if there are any special connections so that you do not leave anyone out or miss a great opportunity.

When you sell this photography online, you will see that everyone gets to choose their favorites and may be drawn to one pose, outfit, expression, or grouping, and watch your custom photography sales increase dramatically!

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