Fixes to 5 Common Photoshop Problems

by admin on February 28, 2011

Fixes to 5 common problems in Photoshop, courtesy of ShootProof’s friends at Photo Templates and Effects

1. The brush cursor is no longer showing a shape but instead a crosshair.
Check the CAPS LOCK key, it may be on.

2. Changes are not being made to a layer. 
Make sure you are on the correct layer. Also, you may have a small area selected – go to Menu > Select > Deselect.

3. Paint tools and shapes can only be applied to a layer with the color red. 
You may be in Quick Mask mode. Hit the Q key on your keyboard.

4. All images and elements in your document are showing up in grayscale (no color).
The grayscale color mode may be active. Change to RGB or CMYK by going to Menu > Image > Mode.

5. The menu bar is missing or no tools/options are displayed.
Your screen mode might have changed. Hit the F key a few times until you settle on your desired viewing option. 

If one of your tools is acting up and you can’t get it to work correctly, try resetting it.
HERE’S HOW: Click the tool icon on the options bar and choose “Reset Tool”.

See responses and post your common fixes here:

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