Event Photography vs. Stock Photography

There are two main methods to sell photography online:

Client or Event Photography

To sell event photos online, you already have a pre-determined client base. This is the bride and groom, the family that commissioned you to do portraits of their children, or the attendees of an event who want to capture the memories. You will want to have an online photo gallery for your clients to visit to look at their proofs and determine which photos they would like to have printed. The advantage of online photo proofing is that clients outside of your geographic area can view and order your photos online, and clients who would not otherwise meet with you to select photos may also create an additional order. Online photo proofing is ideal for wedding photography, as there are generally too many photos to view in a personal proofing consultation, or for family photos so that the proofs can be distributed to multiple customers.

Event photography can include weddings, portraits, etc.

Stock Photography

If you specialize in photos of generic subjects, such as landscapes, nature, objects, etc, you may choose to sell your photography as stock photography. There are services that can act as the middle man for photographers and web designers, advertising agencies, etc to purchase your photography. This is a nice way to squeeze a bit of profit from a hobby.

Stock photography can often be used for a variety of purposes

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